Ballet Exercises - Keeping in Dancing Shape for Summer?

by Gillian

Ballet Exercises - Keeping in Dancing Shape for Summer?

Hi Odette! My name is Gillian and I just wanted to talk about my summer plans. This summer I'm very busy with many vacations and also summer school. Usually I do a summer intensive, but this year I don't have time. I'm going to be taking private lessons, but that's about it. Is there something you recommend I do in order to stay in shape over the summer. If I don't do something besides private lessons this summer, I know I will get rusty. I really want to keep dancing this summer, but I don't know how! Please help!

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Hi Gillian,
Thank you for contacting me, it's great to hear from you. I think private lessons are a super idea, because it gives you the chance for one-on-one coaching and you work twice as hard since the focus is always on you. Therefore, you will be getting very productive training and this is great for over the summer. Even though, like a summer school, you may not be getting as many classes to keep your technique in top form, the private lessons can be just as beneficial for you. As long as you take corrections and things to work on away from each private lesson, you can take note in a ballet diary and practice yourself to improve these areas. It doesn't necessarily matter that you don't have a studio to practice in at home, you can still concentrate on any weaker areas through exercises and a more focused practice.

For example, if you need to work on the strength of your feet for pointe work you can use a Thera Band also known as Resistance Bands (see my Physical Therapy Equipment page for more info) and simply sit in your room whilst getting your feet stronger. Or, if you need to work on your flexibility you can gently stretch at home each day to keep your muscles supple.

Don't panic too much, there are ways to keep your body in form. For cardio work, you can go swimming which is great for your dancing body. Even if when you start dancing again after summer, you may naturally feel a little rusty (I will too!), but keep working and it will come back to your body. It's healthy to have a rest, but keep moving and do some Pilates or Yoga to keep your body lengthened!

Best wishes,

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