Ballet Exercises - Pirouettes and Audition Tips

by Emily
(Ontario, Canada)

Ballet Exercises - Pirouettes and Audition Tips

Hi!! I'm 15 and I've been doing ballet for 12 years now. While doing my pirouettes, I can't ever push myself to do a double. The class that I'm in us already working on triples and I can't even manage a double!! I'm also trying out for the nutcracker in 6 days and I'm worried that if I can't get my double, I won't make the audition!! Please help!!


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To:- Ballet Exercises - Pirouettes and Audition Tips

Hello Emily,
Thanks for your message, it's great to hear from you. Firstly, do not panic! To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of pirouettes either and certainly not a natural turner. However, when I start to over-think or become too worried about them it doesn't help make my turns any better. You have to approach pirouettes with a calm and confident attitude, otherwise you'll create a mental block which sends your body into panic mode.

So, clear any nervous thoughts you have about pirouettes and start again in your next class with a fresh approach. Don't think too much about turning, but instead go up with your body and stay lifted. Keep your body tight and compact, whilst still in a clear pirouette position. Try to really feel where your balance is, as oppose to just hoping for the best.

There are many more excellent tips I want you to read on pirouettes, so look at this page now -

Become a Pirouette Expert

Remember, you have other strengths over the rest of the dancers too so don't just focus on this weak point in the audition. Let the teachers see your performance side and bring out the expression in your upper body. Believe in yourself and shine in confidence (even if you feel nervous!)

For you, I suggest reading my eBook Virtue 4: Mentality. There are 7 virtues in total, but I pick out this one for you especially since your audition is soon. It will teach you to believe in yourself and give you some last minute assurance before your audition.

Good luck and keep in touch.

Best wishes,

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Thank you!!
by: Emily

Thank you so much!! It really helped me in my audition!! I made the 1st cut but sadly they cut me at the 2nd one. Thank you so much anyways and I'm going to accomplish these turns!!

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