Ballet Exercises - Split Leaps

by Adrienne

Any tips on how I can learn to leap like Juliet Doherty?

Any tips on how I can learn to leap like Juliet Doherty?

Ballet Exercises - Split Leaps

Hi Odette!

I've been having a lot of problems with my grand jetes. I can do my oversplits with my front leg about a foot and a half above the ground but I still can't seem to get my legs into a full split in the air.

I've also been having trouble getting my back leg higher in to the air. How can I hit a full split in the air? What kinds of exercises can I do to get my grand jetes?

Thanks for your time,



Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Exercises - Split Leaps

Hello Adrienne,
Thank you for contacting me it's great to hear from you. I've had a few queries on grand jetes, so you can search on my site to gather all the advice. Also, don't forget to look at my ballet jumps page.

Firstly, if you want to get a full split you have to be able to do this position static as well as in the air. So, make sure you are stretching in all splits positions. If this is comfortable for your body, then challenge yourself further by putting your front leg on a higher level in the splits to maximise the stretch.

However, be very careful in your stretches not to push too far because you can tear the muscles and make them too sore.

To get your back leg higher, give that extra focus towards the end of the jump to keep lifting your back leg up. It is a timing thing, but I think you can make the illusion of the split look better when you think of throwing the front leg up like a grand battement and then pushing that back leg up higher in the air.

Mainly, you have to give this step attack and power to make the split. Keep practising and use the power in your muscles to lift you in the air.

Best wishes,

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