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Pointe Shoe Accessories - Suede Tips
by: Anonymous

Hello. I've been looking for these pads you mention on the "Ballet Pointe Shoes Accessories" section. the ones that make your pointe shoes last longer, but havent found anyone who sells them on the internet.
Would you happen to know a provider, store, or someone that sells them and ships them?
Thank you very much
Melanie T.

Reply to Pointe Shoe Accessories - Suede Tips
by: Odette

Hello Melanie
Thank you for your message it's great to hear from you. I've had a research online for you to find the toe pads, known as "suede tips" or "suede covers" and I've found a few shops that sell them online. The first is an online dance store named "Dance Planet" and the second is "Porselli". In both stores, they are sold through the brand Capezio and named "Pointe Suede Covers". They are less expensive than I would have thought, so have a look and stock up whilst you make an order!
Best wishes,

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