Ballet Pointe shoes - Am I ready for pointe?

by Sydney

I'm the one on the right

I'm the one on the right

Ballet Pointe shoes - Am I ready for pointe?

Hello, I'm twelve years old, and have been dancing on pre pointe for nine months, three hours along with three hours a week of pure technique. I am flexible, hip and ankle wise.

I do have some health issues, and I have missed some classes due to that. I think that my teacher may be holding me back pointe wise due to the above reason. I have been asked to join a higher level class and dances in ballet (highest in our pre professional school), and I am the only one not on pointe yet.

All of my friends are on pointe. A few of my friends have been on for a few years now (I became friends with them as I have been moving up level wise) and are so encouraging, and ask me when I'm going to go on pointe because I'm "such an amazing dancer" which is an honor to hear. My other friends that have been in my level went on pointe before me. I accepted this and thought of it as an invitation to work harder. Now they ar bragging and being rude about it. I was wondering what I should do about this.

I was also wondering how I could ask my teacher what I should work on and if I'm ready for pointe yet because she makes a big deal about who is going on pointe, with these letters with ribbons, and she makes a huge announcement ( she does the same for pre pointe). I was also wondering what the best exercises are to build up strength. Thank you.


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Thank you for your message, it is good to hear from you! I have to say, it all sounds very encouraging. You are clearly a determined dancer and strive to be even better, which is great to see.

Try not to let yourself be too bothered by your friends, especially if they are bragging. You can take charge and be wiser to not compare yourself to them, but work on your own journey and achieve your personal best.

I remember when I was younger, there were lots of little things like this that bothered me. Whether my friends got chosen more, or just boasted about what I didn’t have, it is easy to get tied up into other people. Yet in the long term, or ‘big picture’, it really doesn’t matter! In fact, most of those friends who were bragging in my case, do not even dance anymore. So, remember this and try your hardest to focus just on what you need to work on.

It’s a great idea to pluck up the courage and talk to your teacher. It shows you are brave, independent and aren’t afraid to push yourself forward. You can just say how much you are enjoying the classes and determined to improve even more, so ask what areas she would advise you to focus on or what corrections she could give.

You can say how much you would love to dance on pointe and will work really hard to get there, so whether it would be possible to start sometime soon. Or if not, then for her to keep an eye on when you would be ready.

To build up strength in ballet, it’s especially important to be doing regular classes to give the time for your body to strengthen. It is a lot about muscle stamina and using your body in a physical way to build up strength. Therefore, you must make use of every second in your classes and push yourself to the maximum. Even by picking up the exercises in your class very quickly will help you improve, because you can then focus on how to use the muscles rather than thinking about what comes next in the exercise.

Keep working hard and you will get onto pointe. You have to be patient, but believe in yourself that you can achieve in your goals!

Best wishes,

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Got my pointe shoes!!!!!!!
by: Sydney k

Hello, I am glad to tell you that my teacher let me go on pointe! The day before I was going to ask her what I should work on, she gave me my pointe letter, thank you for giving me the advice!!!

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