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by Caroline
(Georgia )

Ballet Pointe Shoes - "Big Foot Ballerina " : -

I know this site is for pointe shoes but, I have a question about ballet shoes. I have very big feet so it is very hard for me to find shoes, especially ballet shoes. My mom called every dance store within 200 miles of our house but none of them have ballet shoes in a size 12. I ordered some online but they are to small. Where can I find ballet shoes that fit, and if it's this bad now, what will I do when I get pointe shoes?


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Hello Caroline,

Thank you very much for your query, it's great to hear from you.

I am always open to any questions about ballet, so whatever the issue, I'm happy to help!

I can grasp it must be very hard for you to find ballet flat shoes. It sounds as if you have already thoroughly tried to solve this problem. But not give up - we can find a solution!

Ok, so it seems as though the next thing to do is try and get shoes handmade especially for you. This may sound unrealistic but it is very much doable. I went on a forever journey to find my 'perfect' pair of ballet pointe shoes, and I finally found the ideal pair which ended up being specifically made for my feet. So it is possible!

What you need to do is find a shoe brand that will hand-make their shoes for you. This would mean going to get your feet personally fitted so the shoes will be specific for your measurements.

Now, I know you must be thinking, where?!

I know an excellent ballet dance shoe store in London, England, called "Freed of London". From my experience with this brand, they are very reliable and always put their best efforts into finding/making a shoe suitable for your foot.

I know you are from the US so this could be tricky. However, I know Freed do sell to international dancers so it is possible for you too. Perhaps you could get in contact with Freed and explain your situation. They may be able to do something to help, or alternatively give you some expert advice as to what to do.

If Freed is too impractical for you, because it is in England, perhaps try to find out if other brands such as Bloch, Capezio, Sansha, Gamba, are willing to customize their ballet shoes to fit your specific requirements. This may involve getting in contact with the factory or the manufacture.

I'm sure you know how essential it is to find ballet shoes that fit correctly, so do not give up. Be patient and the best things are worth waiting for.

As for ballet pointe shoes, the same thing will probably apply, to get them handmade for your feet.

Keep in touch and I can help you along the way.

All the best,


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Good luck
by: Anonymous

Freed in London has stores in newyork. Shipping isn't that bad. Go on their website and see if there is a store by you.

No Worry's!
by: ballet teacher

Hi Caroline!
Sansha will be the best brand for you. Their ballet slippers go up to a size 20, and there also very inexpensive ($12.95) if you order from
also for pointe shoes Capezio Contempora goes up to a size 9, and they fit 3 sizes down (order from Sansha Recital pointe shoes also are good for you shoe size. They go up to a size 18, and they are only $37.99 if you order from
I wear a size 11, so I know how you feel. I can't fit any shoes from my local dancewear shops.

Hope this helps!

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