Ballet pointe shoes - Big toe blisters!!!

by Bobbi

Left toe blister sorry its a semi gross pic

Left toe blister sorry its a semi gross pic

Ballet pointe shoes - Big toe blisters!!!

So I just got my first pair of pointe shoes and I knew I was bound to get blisters on my first day, and I did, I have one of the harder shanks but my blisters are open and the skin had been pushed down but it's still on foot. Do I clip this skin off? So far I have covered them with blister bandiads and left them to air. Is it okay to take the flaps of skin? Also each blister is on my big toe. Does that makes sense?

Also would using normal fabric bandiads be good to semi- prevent future blisters?


Reply by Odette
To: - Ballet pointe shoes - Big toe blisters!!!

Hi Bobbi,
Thanks for your message, it's great to hear from you. I have had tons of blisters, especially when I was younger, so I hope I can help you out! If not, then don't be afraid to ask again - I'm always full of advice!

I know blisters can a painful and irritating. I really think the best solution is to let them naturally heal (unless they are infected which you will know if there is any yellow puss - then you should get treatment until it heals).

It's hard to heal normal blisters if you have to dance again on pointe, so I would make sure they are always carefully plastered up in either special blister plasters, normal plasters and/or tape. Except you don't want to put sticky tape directly onto the blister, as when you peal it off it could irritate the blister more.

Personally, I wouldn't clip the skin off unless you really need to. It will most probably fall off naturally, but for the moment it can act as another protective barrier for the skin underneath which will be tender. However, I wouldn't worry if you have already clipped it off.

Try to air the blister out as much as possible to let it heal. For the future, you will probably become familiar with your own personal pressure points where your most vulnerable to get blisters. In which case, you should always make sure these areas are protected by toe pads or plasters. I always found that normal plasters or tape works well on my toes, but mostly I use my toe pads to cover each toe.

I hope your blister doesn't cause too much pain, but don't worry - give it time and you will be blister free soon enough.

Best wishes,

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