Ballet Pointe Shoes - Can I Start Pointe At Aged 11?

Ballet Pointe Shoes - Can I Start Pointe At Aged 11?

Hi I am 11, I started dance when i was 4, I have been in jazz, and hip hop for 7 years, tap for 3 years, and ballet for 1 year when I was little, musical theatre for 4 years. I am now in jazz, tap, hip hop, and musical theatre. I quit ballet when I was five and I'm starting ballet and lyrical next year again.. My ankles and toes are really strong and I have a really good arch, for pointe but my dance teacher doesn't teach pointe so I was thinking I should go to a different dance studio just for ballet to learn pointe when I'm ready, but I don't think I've been in ballet for a long enough time to do pointe :'( I really think I'm ready, do u think I would be ready from what I've told you? And do u know how many years you should be in any kind of dance to do pointe?

Love: Laura


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Thank you for your message, it is great to hear from you. You clearly have a lot of experience in dance which is a really great start for you. No matter what type of style, the sense of movement and performance can be carried through all the different kinds of dance to help you improve.

Without seeing you dance though, it is hard to gather a true opinion to whether you would be ready for pointe work. You have a strong background in dance in general, but still considered quite young to start pointe. I began ballet when I was eight and moved steadily onto pointe shoes when I was about 12. I was guided along clearly by my teacher and dance school, which is really crucial when considering whether you are ready to start pointe.

Your ballet teachers are aware of your progress and ability, so especially if you have a good teacher you can trust them to when you can or cannot start pointe.

To do pointe, it is mainly ballet which you need to focus on through the years to start pointe. Although the other kinds of dance will help your general posture, co ordination and movement style, it is the regular ballet classes which is key for pointe work.

I know you must be eager to start pointe, but you still have at least a few more years to strengthen if necessary. On the other hand, if you are reaching the ability to start pointe then you can see what classes would be available.

I think together with your teacher, you can come to a conclusion to where you are with starting pointe. Try to talk with your teacher and even though she doesn't teach pointe, she may be able to give you some more feedback to help your thoughts!

Best wishes,

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