Ballet pointe shoes - Can't find the perfect shoe

by Mel

Freed studio professionals

Freed studio professionals

Ballet pointe shoes - Can't find the perfect shoe

I have been on pointe of four yeas. I have tried bloch European balance, bloch concerta, grishko 2007 and freed studio proffesionals. The bloch pointe shoes have a tiny box and do not support me at all. The grisko 2007 I can't turn in, the shank is weak and they are super noisy. The freed studio proffesionals don't allow me to get over the box, they are EXTREMLY painful and make me twist in the shoe. Any advice ?


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Thanks for your message it's great to hear from you. The pictures you sent are very helpful for me to see which type of shoes you've tried and a clearer idea to your foot shape. I still recommend you getting fitted in a dance shop, as the ladies that work there will be able to help you find the perfect shoe. I've always listened to the advice of the people in the shop where I bought my pointe shoes, as they help give me more understanding to my shoes and foot shape.

I would say from your pictures, the Freed shoes are supporting your arch the most and look more flattering. The Blochd seem to not be giving you enough support in your arch, which is causing you to hold back as you rise onto pointe.

I understand the Freed studio professionals are painful, as I have tried these shoes too and agree the box of the shoe is very hard which is uncomfortable for me. Have you tried the standard classic Freed pointe shoes? I find these more comfortable and less rigid in the box.

I do like Bloch pointe shoes, however it's hard to find the rigt style to suit your foot shape. Unlike myself with wider feet, you have a more narrow foot shape. I have only tired Aspiration and Serenade in Bloch, which I will recommend too.

Once you've found the brand you like, you can go further with your quest to find the perfect shoe. Trust me, it takes a lot of time to find a good pointe shoe but the priority is to get the size and width correct before anything else. Then, you can decide what you want in your shoes and research styles that could work for you.

For me, it was key to have advice from the professional pointe shoe fitters. You will find it helpful to visit your nearest pointe shoe shop if possible and explain what you want.

Hope my thoughts help you, feel free to ask more questions as I'm happy to guide you.

Best wishes,

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