Ballet Pointe Shoes - Colourful Shoes for Performance

by Katy

Ballet Pointe Shoes - Colourful Shoes for Performance

I'm in a show and we need to have colorful pointe shoes but don't want to dye them permanently. I was wondering if you could tape then without ruining the material? thank you!


Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Pointe Shoes - Colourful Shoes for Performance

Hello Katy,
Thanks for your message, it's great to hear from you. I have coloured many of my own pointe shoes for performances too, but I've not tried taping them before. Mostly, I have colored the satin myself by using a permant marker unless the company I perform with dye the pointe shoes professionally.

I am sure it could possibly work, but you want to make sure the tape is securely stuck to the satin. Otherwise, it could easily peel off or move out of place whilst you are doing.
I expect you probably know too that it would be better to dye or colour them yourself, which would give a neater look and perhaps less hassle then using tape. Yet I understand the pointe shoes are expensive and you might want to use them again after the show.

I would check with your friends what method they are using for their pointe shoes, and also just check with your teacher it is ok for you to tape them.

You can also take a look at this page on black pointe shoes, which gives some extra hints and tips on how to colour your pointe shoes.

Best wishes,

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