Ballet Pointe Shoes - En Pointe Sooner?

by Savannah
(Santa Monica, CA, USA)

Ballet Pointe Shoes - En Pointe Sooner?

Hi Odette
This is Savannah, I am 12, I weigh 84 pounds, I am 5 foot, if that helps. I have been doing ballet for a year now, but only 1 class a week, and im just now getting serious about ballet. I want to go en pointe as soon as possible without injuring myself. Now I am going to start taking 4 ballet classes, 1 modern class, and 1 hip hop/ jazz class a week. I am practicing at home almost everyday now, but my teacher doesn't like putting people en pointe. I have read other answers to the same question from other people and have been doing their suggestions and trying my hardest in class. But my teacher wont say anything to me and I feel as if Im ready for pointe work, I tried asking her but she just said that I wasn't ready but that was a month ago. So, what im trying to say is what can I do to be able to go e pointe sooner.
PS my mom is against me going en pointe, but she is still paying for my tuition and classes, if that helps at all. I have the right body for ballet and I have an amazing arch.
From Savannah.
Thank you for your time.


Reply by Odette

To:- Ballet Pointe Shoes - En Pointe Sooner?

Hello Savannah,

Thank you for contacting me, you give a detailed query which is very helpful.

I know you must be desperate to start pointe work, but there really is no rush. Pointe work is a crucial part to ballet dancer's future, so it has to be a very careful time to make sure you start at the right stage.

Especially if you have an amazing arch, I know this will require extra strength in your feet and ankles.

Try focusing on some feet exercises to get your feet more strong for pointe work. You can use a Latex resistance exercise band to strengthen up. Look at the Physical Therapy Equipment page to get more information on these exercises.

I would advise you to ask your teacher again about pointe work. If she still says you are not ready, ask her why. Ask her what you can to do to be ready for pointe. This should give you more direction and something to focus on until you can begin pointe.

Perhaps your mum is just concerned about you beginning pointe work. If so, she does not need to worry. As long as you begin pointe slowly and gradually, it is perfectly safe.

You sound like a promising young dancer. Keep up the good work.

All the best,


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