Ballet Pointe Shoes - Excited and Nervous for Senior Class

by Melinda solis

Ballet Pointe Shoes - Excited and Nervous for Senior Class

hello its melinda again and in my class we do double frappes im pretty good on learning new steps and stuff but double frappes were really hard for me, so i practiced and practiced and i was able to do it but at class i wasnt! it was weird i couldnt get it right. so i wanted to ask you for some tips on how to do double frappes fast and easy?
also i learned that in my studio that if your in senior I then you go on pointe! and my dance teacher said that i will be in senior I in the fall! im so excited and yet nervous im 11 years old and senior I is for 12 and up. so once i turn 12 i will be in senior I eeek! help!


Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Pointe Shoes - Excited and Nervous for Senior Class

Hello Melinda,
Thanks for your message, it's great to hear from you again. I love to keep in touch and hear your progress as well as feedback.

Ok so for your double frappes, it is a harder step to master and will always take that extra input to get the dynamics really quick. It is new for you, so don't be too hard on yourself, you will get it.

Many times, I also practiced steps on my own where I could do them fine and think, yes I got it! Then, go into class the next day and it not be as good again. This is normal, but when you do practice it really well, try to really figure out why it felt better and what you could do to make it more consistent in class. It does take practice, practice practice to get things right in ballet which is why it is such an elite type of dance.

Anyway, I will give you some tips for your frappes -

• Don't grip your muscles. Although the fast action needs your muscles to stay tight and engaged, it can be harder to do the movement if you are holding too rigidly in your legs.

• Keep your glutes engaged! (Tops of the legs) These muscles are key to every action you make with your legs.

• Be dynamic. It is a very fast action which is why it feels harder. You have to show each position, but move your legs/feet fast because the quicker you can make the movement the better it will feel.

I hope these few tips help. I don't want to overload you, but mainly keep really held and engaged through your whole body so you are in a solid position to make the fast action. It will come, don't worry.

And, Congratulations on making the senior class for pointe! I am so pleased for you. Of course, I understand how you feel. Even though you feel nervous, don't let that take away your excitement. Anything that is new can feel slightly scary at first, but you will soon fit straight in and be right up there with the older ones.

Even though they might be older or studied ballet for longer, don't let this intimidate you. You are just as good and you must keep believing this to follow your great path of progress.

Keep in touch!

Best wishes,


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