Ballet Pointe Shoes - Expert's Advice Asap!

by emily
(jersey shore)

Ballet Pointe Shoes - Expert's Advice Asap!

Hello. I would love a response from an expert and am having difficulty finding an answer to my specific question online. I am interested in specifically wearing pointe ballet shoes ONLY for one evening for a Halloween costume. Is this possible ? Can I walk around (like foot flat to the ground ) without looking like a fool or I like I just learned how to walk ?! I understand they are meant and made to be worn for the ballet dance done up on your toes so I am figuring that they are stiff and unbendable almost providing no ability for my foot to be able to naturally bend when walking. Is this true ? Is the toe just unbendable or the entire sole ?!?! Please help. Thanks ! =]


Reply by Odette

To:- Ballet Pointe Shoes - Expert's Advice Asap!

Hello Emily,

Thank you for contacting me, it is great to hear from you.

I imagine you would be able to wear ballet pointe shoes specifically for a costume, I wouldn't recommend it to everyone, but if you are interested in just walking in them (and not to dance) then it is possible. There are a few things you want to bare in mind before you purchase some shoes, so let me give you some specific tips on just wearing ballet pointe shoes....

You will be able to walk around with your feet flat to the ground in the pointe shoes, as even ballet dancers have to spend hours of rehearsals standing in their pointe shoes or walking around the studio. Obviously, ballet dancers are used to walking in their pointe shoes so it becomes very natural for them.

Pointe shoes are not designed to be the most comforting of shoes, but if you sew ribbons or elastics onto the shoes your feet will feel fully supported just like any other shoe. The pointe shoes also have a sole on the bottom, mostly made out of leather, so the design is quite similar to normal shoes.

Ballet dancers buy their shoes with a very snug fitting, so there is no extra space in width or length like normal shoes. Therefore, if you are just intending to walk in the shoes, I suggest you do buy them with space to make it more comfortable.

Pointe shoes have a very hard block so I advise you have some form of padding in the shoes to protect your toes. Otherwise, you could find yourself hobbling along quite uncomfortable!

The shoes will be pliable to bend, but at first they are very hard so you will have to walk around to break them in and soften them. Although, it depends which brand you buy as some pointe shoe brands are harder than others. You could think about buying a softer style of shoe, or even get soft blocks which look very similar to pointe shoes but do not have the hard block in.

Have fun!

Best Wishes,


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