Ballet Pointe Shoes - Fixing my Pointe Shoes

by Lydia

Ballet Pointe Shoes - Fixing my Pointe Shoes

So my last pair of pointe shoes were Bloch B-morphs. I liked them because they lasted almost a year for me. The only problem I had with the shoes was the box. The box of my shoes would start curving inward which made going on pointe difficult. It also made me look like I was sickling which looked terrible. I was advised to switch my shoes to the other foot. When I did that, they eventually curved inward to the other side, too. They would curve while I would stand flat or stand en pointe. As you can imagine, I was ecstatic to get a new pair of shoes. Recently, I just got my second pair of pointe shoes which are Bloch Aspiration. I've worn them for only two classes, and they are doing the same exact thing. I even switched my shoes around, and it looks just as bad. I feel that it's dangerous to dance in my shoes because of their curving in issue. I must say that I have EXTREMELY wide feet and I've had street shoes (like ballet flats) that do this, too. My teacher advised me to sew on extra elastic in a lower position on my shoes. She said I should crisscross them and that the elastic should be wide. This should keep my shoes from gapping and curving even with my drawstrings being pulled tight. I've tried this and using toe spacers. It helped somewhat, but not enough to solve my problem. I don't know if this has ever happened to anyone else. I am in a desperate need for a solution. Thank you for reading.


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Thank you for your message, I’m glad you contacted me. I’m sorry to hear about the issue with your pointe shoes. It sounds like you’ve managed the problem well so far and knocked out a few reasons why this ‘curve’ difficulty is happening e.g. you know it’s not the brand of pointe shoes because you’ve tried more than one type of Blochs. Each dancer has their own little problems they need to solve with their pointe shoes, mainly because you can feel every little curve and bend in the shoe when you’re on pointe so it’s very noticeable if something is not right. If you had a picture of where the shoe curves on your foot, that would be very useful for me and anyone else to help solve your problem further. Right now, I’ve not known of this happening to anyone else but I might be able to notice through the pictures. It’s right what your teacher is saying, so try sewing the criss cross elastics and see if it makes any difference. For now, your post is live on my blog so if any other dancer relates to your problem I’m sure they’ll be more than willing to help out.
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