Ballet Pointe Shoes - For adult dancer and large feet

by Rebecca
(Lancaster, PA)

Ballet Pointe Shoes - For adult dancer and large feet

I'm an adult who would like to get back to dancing.
A little background, I danced growing up (from about 3 to 13, mostly ballet and modern, but a bit of jazz and tap thrown in) and had just started pointe before my parents decided they'd pretty much had enough of the expense of my 6 class a week schedule. Realistically, I was never going to be a professional dancer, so I guess they had a point. As an aside, my parents never wanted me "en pointe" because they were concerned about affecting my bones and development, but the school's director kind of took pity on me and gave me shoes, so I've never been properly fitted.
I've always missed it and I would like to start dancing again. There isn't much available in the area where I live in terms of adult classes, but I keep hoping I'll move somewhere that it's an option again. In the meantime, I have a few DVDs and I'd like to work on getting my feet and ankles back into shape to get onto point again. It may be a silly goal, but it's important to me. One big catch, I have big feet! (I wear a US women's 11.5 or 12!) My feet aren't especially narrow, but I don't wear wide "street" shoes. I know pointe shoes are best fitted by a professional fitter because of the variety of brands and styles, but I'm not sure that's a great option for right now. I'll explore that option, but I will probably end up ordering online.
I was hoping you could help answer two questions for me:
1) What brands, if any, make point shoes in large (enough) sizes? (Bonus points for being shoes that would be good for a beginner!)
2) Any particular tips for someone coming back to dance as an adult, after a long hiatus? (Simply for enjoyment and fitness.)
Thanks so much!!


Reply by Odette

To:- Ballet Pointe Shoes - For adult dancer and large feet

Hi Rebecca,
Thank you for contacting me, it's really good to hear from you. Firstly, I'm really pleased you want to get back into dancing again. It will bring you lots of joy and a buzz that leaves you smiling. Especially as you danced a lot when you were younger, it should come back more familiar to your body so you are able to pick up the technique again. Remember though, ballet never feels easy even for the most experienced ballerina. So, don't be too hard on yourself if you are finding it a challenge! Ballet is hard work!

For your pointe shoes, I think there are brands large enough for your feet but you may find them out of stock more easily or harder to actually get hold of. The brand of shoe depends a lot of personal preference, as well as how your foot is shaped and how much it needs support.

I have worn a variety of brands myself and for me, I like Bloch and Freed. Bloch are good quality shoes and consistent with how they last. I have tried the style Aspiration, where they worked perfectly as a more comfortable shoe, because I have quite wide feet to fit the box.

Freed are a very unique brand; they can be tricky to get hold of and at first may not feel right, but if you persist you can find an almost perfect shoe for your foot. Mainly because they can be personally handmade for your requirements and the fitters in the shop are true experts.

Yet Freed is based in London, which can be harder if you are buying for the first time and not able to visit the shop. However, Freed are very willing to help you so it is worth an email or phone call to the shop if you are interested.

For you coming back to dance, I would say prepare your body to be sore or in discomfort! Not really, but you will feel aches in the muscles, but don't give in because it is the persistence in which you can make the most progress.

Focus on getting back all the basics like correct posture, foot work and alignment. If you work your body correctly in the technique, you will feel good and less prone to pains that are uneccessary.

Take it gradually and remember there is no rush. Your progress is very gradual in ballet and it is your focus and commitment which can make the difference.


Best wishes,

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