Ballet Pointe Shoes - Gap on Demi Pointe

Ballet Pointe Shoes - Gap on Demi Pointe

Hey Odette! This is my first time asking a question, so I hope you'll answer!:) so there's this gap on my pointe shoes when I go Demi pointe. I newly got them and sewed them and I've been dancing in it for only 4 or 5 days, maybe. And when I fit my pointe shoes, it seemed fine, but days after, I went on Demi pointe on my first day and this ugly gap was huge going on the outsides of my pointes when I go on Demi pointe. The rest of my ballet mates don't have it and I don't want to get new pointes cause I already sewed them and already got them. What should I do? Aside from stitching elastic stuff :(


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ballet pre-pointe
Remember, just like I did before I went en pointe, ballet students MUST take responsibility for their own strengthening prior to beginning pointe work.
Australian dancer, Lisa Howell has made a video which explains how pre-point strengthening works.
Don't leave it to your teacher!
You can watch this pre-pointe video
yourself here
(just wait for the page to load up then the video is on the top right of the page).

Thank you for contacting me, I am really pleased to hear from you. I am slightly puzzled trying to imagine this gap in your pointe shoe without actually seeing it. Perhaps you could send me a photo? Then I would be able to try and see what the problem is more clearly.

The fact your ballet friends do not have this gaps makes me think there is something not quite right in your pointe shoes. I know that must feel annoying, because there is a lot of preparation that goes into a new pair of pointe shoes. What we need to do is figure out what is causing the gap, so that next time you get a pair you don't have this problem.

I can only imagine it must be something to do with the fitting in your pointe shoes. The reason why you might not have noticed when you first tried them on, is because the material in brand new shoes often appears much harder than when you have worn them a few times. As you wear pointe shoes more, the sweat in your feet begins to soften the shoes and you might start to notice little flaws or a different feeling to how they felt in the shop.

Try asking your teacher to have a look and see if she can solve the issue too. As long as it is not causing you any direct pain, or holding you back from pointe class then it should be ok for now. But I would suggest you try get another pair fitted as soon as you can, or go back to the shop and explain what has happened.

Don't forget, there is a lot more to pointe work than meets the eye for young dancers. Be sure to take a look at the video above where Australian dancer, Lisa Howell, has made a video explaining how pre-point strengthening works. All the advice and tips are perfect for you no matter what age you are. Be one step ahead of your class mates!

Best wishes,

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grishko 2007s gap on demi
by: grainne

Hi. I have Grishko 2007s and like you the shoes were fine at first but after some wear they started to gap when i'm on demi and in a grand plie you really notice it. Basically the cotton lining shows as the sides gap. I had to move my elastics too to stop the heel sliding off. My teacher says theyre a bad fit. Someone else checked the fit when i got them. Big problem is availability of different models in Ireland.

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