Ballet Pointe Shoes - Gel Pads and Padding

by Lauren
(United Kingdom)

Ballet Pointe Shoes - Gel Pads and Padding

I have been dancing for years now and the time has only just come to start using pointes during my dance classes! This for me is a massive thing because I have always had rather weak ankles, and they are finally strengthened enough for me to start! I am really excited as i'm 15 and have wanted to do this for years!
This page has really helped me into doing part of my research which I chose to do before buying my pointe shoes, to enable me to get the perfect pair and look after them properly. However I could have done with a little more help with the "gel pads" etc. as im still unsure about whether i will need to buy some of these with my pointe shoes next week or not.....
Thankyou anyway for your help!


Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Pointe Shoes - Gel Pads and Padding

Hello Lauren,

Thank you for your message, it's great to hear from you. It is super you are able to start pointe, that's a great achievement for you!

I'm really pleased you are taking care to find the right pair of pointe shoes, as it is just as important to how you manage your pointe shoes as it is to dance in them.

I hope I can clear up your thoughts for padding, when it comes to 'gel pads', you can get different types and materials of padding. With my very first pair of pointe shoes I actually bought animal wool. This is just what my ballet teacher suggested, then when I got older I swapped to what is recognised as 'Ouch Pouches' which are a gel material padding.

Whichever type of padding you choose, or you can ask your teacher if you are unsure, I would suggest you do buy it with your pointe shoes. This is the best idea, because you will able to fit the shoes with the padding which is essential as it can alter the sizing of your shoe.

It also means you will also be fully equipped for your first pointe lesson, which is good to be organised! Don't forget ribbons and elastics too.

I hope you find a good pair of shoes to start with, but don't worry if they feel uncomfortable to begin with as pointe shoes take some time to get used to. As long as the fitting is correct, that is the best place to start.

Good luck!

Best wishes,

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