Ballet Pointe Shoes - I really want my first pointe shoes!

Ballet Pointe Shoes - I really want my first pointe shoes!

I have been doing ballet for about 9 years and I am nearly 12 years old but my teacher hasn't mentioned pointe work much. I'd really love to go en pointe but I am a bit scared to ask her incase she thinks I'm really not ready and the other girls will laugh. I have strong ankles feet and legs and have good balance too. My dance school only offers one class a week for my grade (4) and the one below is grade 1 and the one above is grade 6. I think I will struggle in grade 6 and have already done grade 1.
As I have already said I really love ballet and really want to get those pointe shoes but I don't know what I can do to show my teacher I am ready for them. I am especially worried that if I ask her she will say no and the other girls in my class ( the oldest is 16, see why I am a bit intimidated) will think that I am a right idiot for even thinking about it.
I am very flexible, have a strong, high arch I have strong feet and ankles and my core and balance are pretty good as well. I practise my exercises every single day and all my friends think i am obsessed but I really can't help it. I try my absolute best in every single class that I do and the only reason I can think that she wouldn't let me on is my age. I think I am the best or second in my class even though the youngest and am always focused (unlike the rest of my class who talk the whole time).
Please don't come back saying I shouldn't be afraid to ask because the fact is, I am. Thanks!


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Thank you for your message, it's great to hear from you. I am particularly interested, as I can already tell how determined you are to progress as a dancer. It is really clear ballet means a lot to you and I would love to help reach where you want to be - sometimes, you do just need that little bit of help!

I can totally hear what you are saying and I will do my best to give a solution that doesn't say, don't be afraid! I know exactly how it feels to be in your position, where you are one of youngest of group and it is so easy to doubt yourself against the older ones. Yet I know you do believe in yourself and you have a strong dancing ability, so never loose this inner confidence.

You have to remain focused purely on yourself and don't let your mind be confused to think you aren't good enough or the others are all better than you. You are younger and you are at your own stage, so be your own competitor.

If you don't want to directly ask your teacher about pointe, then I suggest still talking to her and ease yourself in. I often went to discuss with my teacher how I was proressing and whether I was on track to make sure I was improving in the right direction. Yet this communication only came about after I plucked up the courage to start talking to her. It is very easy to shy away from your teachers and be as quiet as a mouse, but it is important in your development to talk to them and keep in touch with how you are doing.

If you can do this, then just approach her at a quiet moment either before or after class (perhaps when your classmates aren't all around). You can say how you feel you are working really hard and wanted to make sure you are still on track with improving in your dancing. You can say how you would like to dance on pointe one day and what areas you could work on to reach that goal.

You don't have to directly ask about pointe to get a 'yes' or 'no' answer, because either way you will get positive feedback on what more you can work on. Apart from your excellent classwork and hard work in ballet class, you do need perhaps to take that next step and build a friendly relationship to talk to your teacher to find out whether pointe work will be possible for you soon.

Let me know your thoughts and I am happy to answer how you feel now!

Best wishes,

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