Ballet Pointe Shoes - IN PAIN!!

Ballet Pointe Shoes - IN PAIN!!

hello! i recently got my second pair of pointe shoes the other day, they felt absolutely fine in the shop when i was trying them on, and did not hurt much at all! as soon as i got home and tried them on i immediately felt a huge pain in my toes where the box is pressing against them, even when I'm just standing flat or walking around. is this normal? will they get better as i break them in? When i go on to demi to go up to pointe it KILLS my toes!!! i can't tell if they are curling...but i can feel they are being squished together! When i take my pointes off my toes are really red and very tightly squished together!!! are my pointe shoes to small? or will they eventually break in the more i wear them? i can't take them back as I've already sown the ribbons on!!!! need advice! i don't know how I'm going to dance in them! my last pair really didn't hurt at all, but my teacher thought they weren't supportive enough. but this pair is so painful on my toes!!


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Thank you for your message, I can hear you are in need of some help!

Whether this helps or not, I can tell you when I put a brand new pair of my pointe shoes on they are certainly not comfortable either. I need time to break them in and let the pointe shoe shape to my foot. Also, without the padding I wear it would be very painful!

However, it could be your pointe shoes are too small. They shouldn't be unbearable and your toes shouldn't be squashed. When fitting your pointe shoes next time, try to really feel if your toes are lying flat (even when you demi-plie too).

If you can't take them back, then try spraying water around the box of the shoe when you have them on. This should allow the material to slightly stretch and give a bit more space in your shoe.

It would be best to have your pointe shoes refitted though, or go back to the shop with the shoes and explain the pain you are going through. It is not good to dance with pointe shoes too small and it will make it harder in your classes.

If your previous pair were exactly the same and they felt fine, then your feet must have grown. Also, just check the padding you wear? Often, this takes more space in the pointe shoe so make sure you are fitted with the padding in for your next pair.

I hope this helps, but also speak to your teacher if they are still causing extreme pain. She may be able to check if they look too small or not.

Best wishes,

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Purple toe NEW
by: 1st timer

I just hot my 1st pair of point shoes. I having a similar problem. My right foot feels fine (minimal pain). However, my left foot feels tightly squeezed and kills when I'm on point. It's like squeezing the nuckle by my big toe. When I take the shoe off my toe is purple and hard to move. The lady at the store said it would break in, my teacher says to wiggle my toes. It even hurts when flat footed, but not as much. I also cannot return my shoes. Do you have Sony suggestions?

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