Ballet Pointe Shoes - My Perfect Pair

by Katie Farmer

Ballet Pointe Shoes - My Perfect Pair

Hi, i am eleven and just got pointe shoes the other day. My friend has been in pointe class and she had capezio shoes and then the day after i got mine she got new ones because they were dead. At the recital my friend did mot go on pointe at all. She can not stay on the box. I got pointe shoes fron the brand russian pointe. It was the first time i went my box and i actually stayed on my box for a while. I told my friend to ask the person who was helping her to see some russian points shoes for her and she actually stayed on her box. She was shocked for the rest of the day and got the russian pointe shoes. They sre lot easier to stay on. Please put in your blog that that is also a VERY wonderful brand for new people going into pointe
Please listen to my comment and i hope it was good for your blog! Thank you!😃😃


Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Pointe Shoes - My Perfect Pair


Thank you so much for your comment, I’m very grateful you shared your experiences. Wow, it really looks like you’ve found the perfect pointe shoe. I’m intrigued! I would love to hear more detail about the brand of shoe. Does it have a name? (e.g. Bloch, Freed, Grishko) Or is it a specialist type of Russian pointe shoe? It would be great to see a photograph if you are able to upload it. Your feedback is extremely helpful not just for me, but for young aspiring dancers around the world who are looking for the perfect pointe shoe. Thank you! Please keep in touch.

Best wishes,

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