Ballet Pointe Shoes - New Pair of Pointe Shoes

Ballet Pointe Shoes - New Pair of Pointe Shoes

Hi odette,
I currently have a pair of bloch's surprima pointe shoes but they are getting to small so i am going to get a new pair but I wasn't sure which brand to get my teacher experimented on one of her old pointe shoes the method which lisa howell uses to break in pointe shoes and got me to try it on. It looked amazing and felt great i noticed it was the brand Freed and it was very similar to the shape of my normal pointe shoes! I have a narrow foot my pointe shoes are size 3 I was wondering what brand would suit my foot!!
Thank you


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Hi Jaimee-lee,

Thanks for your message on ballet pointe shoes, it is always great to hear from you. It is good to hear you are experimenting with your pointe shoes, you will find pointe shoes need detailed thought and quite a lot of analysis before you to find the right pair.

If you weren't completely satisfied with your Bloch Suprima, or you think you could find an even better shoe, then have a go with Freed. Especially because you say Freed felt great on your feet, then this is a good sign. I

I am pleased to hear you are using Lisa Howell's advice on pointe shoes, because a lot of how they look on your feet depends how you manage the shoes.

If you do try Freed, there are still many options within the strength and sizing that you can experiment with so don't be put off if the first pair do not feel as perfect as you hoped. Also, you may find that Freed go a lot softer and break in more easily than Bloch, so just bare that in mind and give a few brands a try for you to find the perfect pair.

Best wishes,

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Where can you buy freed pointe shoes
by: Anonymous

Hi I was just wondering where in sydney or Australia can you buy freed pointe shoes?? thanks :)

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