Ballet Pointe Shoes- Ordering First pair of pointe shoes Online

Ballet Pointe Shoes- Ordering First pair of pointe shoes Online

hi odette,

I'm going to buy my first pair of pointe shoes and I have to do it online , i know i shouldn't but i have to, there's no ballet stores in my town so,i'm gonna buy sansha pointe shoes and I know that my size is 9 but i don't know how to choose the width, i think it's M or W because I know my feet are not narrow, but how can i know it?,is there any way to measure it? , my sansha demi-pointe are 9M so is that the size for my pointe shoes? i don't know what to do :( ... by the way is sansha a good pointe shoe?, how long do they last?

Thank you


Reply by Odette
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Thank you for your message, it is great to hear from you. I know that you are already aware of this, but I really really advise you to get your first pair of pointe shoes properly fitted in a dance store.

I know it must be hard with no dance store in your town, but can you plan a day trip with your family to visit the shop? I used to love going with my dad to the next town which was where my nearest ballet shop was. It was exciting and we always had lots of fun exploring the area and looking at all the shops.

It is worth asking your parents, because you would be lucky to order a pair of pointe shoes for the first time online and have them fit correctly.

If there is nothing you can do, then there is slight hope in the fact you already wear Sansha in demi-pointe. This means, your feet are more familiar with the style and fabrics in the shoe which will be similar to the pointe shoes.

The sizing will also be a better indication if you have already worn the brand of Sansha in demi-pointe. Each brand of pointe shoes vary a lot in the sizing, so although you might be a certain size with Sansha it could change if you try another brand.

I would choose closely to the sizing of your demi-pointes, but you have to remember if you are wearing padding with your pointe shoes then you will need slightly more space.

Another idea is to check the policy of returns of the website you order them from. If they allow exchanges, then you can then order a few pairs in different width or sizes and try them on at home to have a selection to choose from. You can send back the ones you don't want or don't fit.

I would go through the ordering process with your parents, or if they allow it then you can visit the dance shop and have your pointe shoes properly fitted.

Remember, it can causes so much extra hassle or problems in your feet if the shoes do not fit. It is really not worth getting blisters, sore feet or injuries if you can get the pointe shoes fitted first.

I hope you can sort something out for your pointe shoes, but if not then try to order a selection of pointe shoes just to be on the safe side.

Keep in touch!

Best wishes,

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