Ballet Pointe Shoes - Pains in the Sole

by Kaia
(Trondheim, Norway)

Ballet Pointe Shoes - Pains in the Sole


I have been dancing ballet for several years, and began dancing en pointe about two years ago. I also have flat feet. Since I started going en pointe I get this pain along the sole of my feet, particularly when I go from standing flat on the ground to a full rise. When I am fully standing on my shoes I hardly feel anything (as long as I don't stand there for very long). After en pointe classes I am generally very tired in my foot soles. I have talked to my teacher about this, and she says it's just my feet that needs strenghtening. That seems to make sence, but I have been dancing en pointe for quite a while, and none of those in my class seem to have the same problem.

Is this normal, and do you have any tips? It feels like I am rather breaking my foot down than strenghtening it, as I have began getting the same pains during normal ballet classes.

I have been wondering if it's something wrong with my shoes, as I have only been using one brand. I haven't had much of any of the problems other people are talking about.

Hope you can help, and thank you in advance,

Reply by Odette To: ­ Ballet Pointe Shoes - Pains in the Sole

Hello Kaia,
Thank you for your message it's great to hear from you. I'm sorry to hear you're having pain on pointe, I will do my best to help! Since you have been studying on pointe for a few years, I don't feel as though its completely normal for this pain to still be a problem for you. Especially if it is starting to affect your normal ballet classes too.

It is worth trying a different brand of pointe shoes to see if the pain is still there. Some brands I recommend are Bloch and Freed, but the emphasis should always be on the fitting of the shoe rather than just the brand.

Also, you should look into getting a foot roller which is a very small piece of equipment for dancers which perfectly massages underneath the arch and releases the tension. I find the sole of the feet, especially by the arch, can get very tight for dancers and needs attention to keep it loose. I bought one of these foot rollers online from a dance website for a very reasonable price, so it's definitely worth look.

I hope these small tips help you, but if you are still having trouble I would suggest seeing a dance physiotherapist or doctor just to guide you through to a complete solution.

Best wishes,

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