Ballet Pointe Shoes - Pointe Shoe Problems

by Adrienne

Ballet Pointe Shoes - Pointe Shoe Problems

Hi Odette!

My pointe shoes never seem to be broken in enough. I'm currently using Capezio Contempora pointe shoes. No matter how much I bend the shank, my arches never look as good as they do when I wear my soft shoes. Also, I can never point my feet in pointe shoes. When I try to, it makes my feet look incredibly flat. Do you have any shoe reccomendations for someone with wide feet and medium arches?

Are there any tools that I can use to improve my arches and strengthen my muscles so I can improve in pointe work. Have you tried the foot stretcher from the Foot Stretch website or Therabands (wide elastic bands)? I've been considering purchasing a foot stretcher but have been wondering whether it was worth the money or not.

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Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Pointe Shoes - Pointe Shoe Problems

Hello Adrienne,
Thank you for contacting me, it's great to hear from you. Ballet dancers feet still can look beautiful and stretched in pointe shoes, but I have noticed compared to when a dancer stretches their foot in ballet flats it looks much different.

Pointe shoes are made of much more material than ballet flats, so it can be hard to show off your footwork in the bulk of the shoe. This is where practice pays off, because as you study more in ballet your feet will get stronger and you will be able to feel your feet more stretched in your shoe.

Personally, I think Freed pointe shoes are one of the lightest shoes to work your feet well in as well as flatter the arch you have. The material is not bulky and the shank is not extremely rigid like with other brands.

It really depends on your personal preference, as there are lots of dancers who have had success with makes like Bloch too. It takes some time to find what works best for you, but it is worth to keep searching.

I haven't had any experience with a foot stretcher myself, but I have seen them and a few young professional dancers i know practice with them.

I have however had great use of therabands ever since I was 11 years old! They are super to warm your feet up before ballet class as well as to strengthen. If you take a look at my physical therapy equipment page there is more advice on therabands.

I'm always here to help.

Best wishes,

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