Ballet Pointe Shoes - Purple Numb Toes

by Isabella

Ballet Pointe Shoes - Purple Numb Toes

I am 11 and started pointe a few months ago. Every time I take class my toes turn purple and get numb. My teacher says my shoes are fine and that it is normal but no one else has purple toes. I keep changing my toe pads .It hurts and i don`t know what to do!



Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Pointe Shoes - Purple Numb Toes

Hi Bella,
Thanks for your message it's great to hear from you. I don't think I would say it is normal for your toes to go purple, since this has never happened to me and I've not seen it with other dancers.

Sometimes though, my toes feel slightly numb when I take my pointe shoes off after I have worn the gel toe pads. You can experiment with different padding to see what works best for your feet, you can try animal wool or different materials in ouch pouches/ gel pads.

Mainly, if your feet are in uncomfortable pain for more than a few weeks then something is not right. It could be many things, like the fitting of shoes or doing too much on your pointes that causes the pain.

It is good you asked your ballet teacher, but I would double check with her again if you are still having this trouble in your shoes.

Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing now. Is the pain still there?

Best wishes,

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