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Breaking My Sansha Ballet Pointe Shoes
by: Anonymous

Hi. I've had these pointes for 3 months now
and I cant seem to break them. It is as
if every time i try to go on demi pointe
it wont let me. I dont know why but it
might be because it has a plastic shank.
Anyway, I really have a hard time dancing
with them and especially walking!!! If
you have a few pointers that would be great
because i have a big show coming and i need
to use my pointes!!!


Reply by Odette

Thank you for your message on Sansha pointe shoes. It can often be tricky when it comes to breaking in new pointe shoes, but you have had these shoes for three months so I am quite surprised they have not soften even just a little but by now.

Some pointe shoes are naturally just very, very hard and especially because these shoes have a plastic shank, which I expect that makes it doubly hard to break in.

Do not worry thought, I have some tips to share with you to save you for your big show! However, I do feel that if these shoes have not broken in now after 3 months then it is a good idea to look at another style or brand. It sounds like these pointe shoes are making your dancing life twice as hard as it should be!

It could be risky to suddenly change pointe shoes before your show, so here are some tips to break them in more if you are unable to find other pointe shoes:

1. Wear the shoes with your bare feet and padding if necessary, then put a pair of woolly socks on or comfy slippers over the top. Do this at home when you can walk around the house, because as your feet get warmer and begin to sweat it should soften the shoes more.

2. Do a series of simple rise and releves at the barre and really concentrate on going through the demi-pointe. You can even do this in parallel with your feet, but the emphasis is on breaking the shoe and using the demi-pointe.

3. If your shoes are still hard, then you might have to result to gently using your hands to soften the back. I say gently, because you don't want to be too aggressive with the shoe as it can distort the shape.

I hope your pointe shoes will survive for your big show! If you can though, I advise to get another pointe shoe fitting to try a different pair. You really shouldn't have trouble walking in pointe shoes, so this is already a sign they are not doing their job in supporting you dance!

Best wishes,

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