Ballet Pointe Shoes - Sewing To Follow Your Arch

by Olivia

Ballet Pointe Shoes - Sewing To Follow Your Arch

I recently saw a video of Megan Fairchild cutting the sides of her pointe shoes to follow the arch. ( Now, I realize this was just for her maker, but is there any way I can cut and sew my shoes like that too? If yes how so?


Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Pointe Shoes - Sewing To Follow Your Arch

Hi Olivia,
Thanks for your message and the video link to see Megan Fairchild about her ballet pointe shoes. I saw the part you mentioned where she sewed the material in her shoes to keep it following your arch. I have never done this to my pointe shoes, but I can understand the concept to keep the material tight to your arch which compliments your foot line.

There clearly is a way to sew your shoes like this, but it looks like quite a specific way of sewing. It seems as though you gather the excess material by the arch of your pointe shoes and neatly make a fold to sew it together. Even in the video, Megan had the principal dancer Wendy Whelan help her out so it must be quite tricky!

If you would like your pointe shoes to follow your arch line more than they do, then depending on which brand you wear, you could always call or email in to make a request. With most brands it is harder to request personal adjustments, because the pointe shoe comes a standard way.

However, I know if you wear Freed they are always open to your personal preferences and are able to help create a pointe shoe that suits your foot shape.

Thank you for sharing the video and I will definitely get back to you if any of my friends sew their pointe shoes like this.

Keep in touch.

Best wishes,

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