Ballet Pointe Shoes - Starting Pointe

by Silke

My foot

My foot

Ballet Pointe Shoes - Starting Pointe

Hi Odette

I've been on ballet when I was 5, but I stopped after one year.
When I was 11 my big dream was to dance on pointe shoes but i was to uncertain to ask one of my parents I was afraid that they said it was nothing for me or that I was to old or that they would laugh about my idea I tried to improve my ballet skills and after one year I was brave enough to ask my mum if I could go on dancing. and she said yes but I was still uncertain so I asked her1if I could go on Jazz dance.I did this for one year I liked it ,but When I saw the group before us dancing Classical ballet I was jealous and my dream hadn't disappeared. This year we went to England for one year ( first I lived in Holland)And I was now brave enough to ask if I could go on classical ballet but it is quiet hard to find a ballet school in the area when you are new...So my parents said that I can go on ballet if we go back to holland:)
Now I'm really happy that I can go on ballet lessons if we go back to Holland but i have some questions to ask you because i'm not sure if I am to old to start ballet lessons and If I'm to old to start training for pointe shoes (I hope I'm not..)And how long will it take to train my feet before I can go on pointe shoes I also can do something weird with my feet... I don't now if its bad or good but I can bend my tones much further than other people think that is my story and my dream about ballet.oh I want to thank you for this beautiful site and help. I just lived like ehh 2 months in England so I hope my English is not too bad to understand it :)
Bye Silke

ballet pre-pointe
Remember, just like I did before I went en pointe, ballet students MUST take responsibility for their own strengthening prior to beginning pointe work.
Australian dancer, Lisa Howell has made a video which explains how pre-point strengthening works.
Don't leave it to your teacher!
You can watch this pre-pointe video
yourself here
(just wait for the page to load up then the video is on the top right of the page).


Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Pointe Shoes - Starting Pointe

Hello Silke,

Thank you for contacting me, it is great to hear from you and your story. I'm so glad you had the courage to go ahead and ask your parents, as it is easy to let your doubts and fears get in the way of what you truly want. Ballet dancers need this fighting determination and bravery to really accomplish all you are capable of.

Now that there is a chance of you starting ballet lessons, this is another great step for you. I think you can never be too old start ballet lessons for your own enjoyment and personal love, it is only when dancers strive to take it on as a profession that age can become an issue.

For now though, as long as you can find suitable ballet lessons and it is convenient for you then that is what matters most.

When questioning your thoughts on ballet pointe shoes, there is a lot to take into consideration. Especially for young dancers starting pointe, it is important to understand how to really get the most out of pointe work.

For pointe shoes, I would advise you take a look at Lisa Howell's pointe video above. It takes you through step by step the most crucial tips you need to know for pointe.

Best wishes,


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