Ballet Pointe Shoes - Weird Arch Pain

by Vivien

Ballet Pointe Shoes - Weird Arch Pain

Hi Odette! Hope you are well! Lately I've been experiencing a frustrating set back. I've been on pointe for a year and I have a new arch pain. The thing is I only feel in on pointe and Demi balances. Because of the pain, pointe is really hard for me to enjoy. I don't feel any pain in daily activities, but only when using my feet a whole lot. I don't have the best arches, and because of that I wear a super soft shank. Also do you have any advice on avoiding sickling? Do I just overall improve my feet strength, or can the sickling attribute to the arch pain? Thanks for your help!


Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Pointe Shoes - Weird Arch Pain

Hi Vivien,
Thank you for your message, I am very well thank you. I'm sorry to hear you are having pain in your arch but try not to panick too much, as we all experience set backs now and again, so you must push through and know in yourself you will get back on track again soon.

I would speak to your teacher as it is better for her to be aware of the pain you are having, then she will be able to guide you further. Try not to push through the pain too much until it has settled down. You can focus on strenghtening other areas as well as practice some exercises I'll give you to avoid sickling.

It is really important to have the correct alignment when pointing your feet, so nor sickling or 'fishing'. If you favour either one too much, it could lead to injury from incorrect technique and it works the muscles in the wrong areas. If you are aware you have a habit of sickling, then you can train yourself to align your pointe in the correct way.

You want to think about the alignment of your pointe in a direct line. It is really good to practice with a thera-band, which are fairly cheap and easy to find on mostly any dance website. In your case, it would be very helpful to check the aligment on how you pointe your toes and make sure the ankle is straight.

You can find the exercises explained more on my
physical therapy equipment page, but the basis on the exercise is to use the resistance of the band to strengthen your pointe.

I hope this helps, let me know how your pain is in your arch. Don't forget to mention it to your ballet teacher.

Best wishes,

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