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I have a wide feet and so ugly NEW
by: Anonymous

When i test the pointe shoes teacher say must feel the floor but i cant .there's no feeling .the pointe shoes not suitable for me ??

Pointe NEW
by: Megan

I have around another year before I start practising for pointe but I thought I should contact somebody before I start.
My second toe is quite a bit longer than my other toes and I have heard that this stops some people from dancing. I really wish to go on pointe with my other friends as well, so I was wondering if you had any suggestions to help.
Also, I do have a tendency to hurt my ankle. Should I just try and stay off it prior to pointe classes, or is there some kind of strengthening that might be better? Overall, I am more concerned about my second toe, so if you had any suggestions, that would be awesome.

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