Ballet Pointe shoes-Too small?

Ballet Pointe shoes-Too small?

Hey! I was just wondering if my pointe shoes were too small as my foot kinda grew a little. When i do a plie in second position without my toe pads on, my toes for the right foot feel kinda squashed but my toes on the left foot feel okay. But if i put on my toe pads then my pointe shoes feel really tight. However when i go en pointe, the shoe looks okay and there is even some stain hanging loose. Are my shoes too small? Should i get a new pair?


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Thank you for contacting me, it is great to hear from you. As you have noticed, the fitting of pointe shoes is something which is very particular. It is great you have become aware, because now you can work to find exactly the right pair through being detailed with your judgement. I also spent a lot of time trying to solve the fitting of my shoes and (eventually!) I found the perfectly pair.

It is easy for a pointe shoe to be too small, because they are meant to feel snug. Yet your toes should be able to be spread evenly without feeling crushed against the end or squashed together. Especially when you plié, your toes should still feel at ease.

The padding is something you must be fitted with in your pointe shoes. It can easily affect the sizing of the shoe compared to when you wear no padding.
It is really normal to have one foot slightly bigger than the other too. My right foot is a bit bigger, but not enough that it affects the sizing in my shoe.

You should mainly judge the sizing by how your foot lays flat in the pointe shoe, but also how it looks on pointe. Naturally, there may be extra material when you go en pointe. For example, my pointe shoes fit right but there is a small gap of material by my heal when I rise to pointe. This is just where the extra room is for when I'm on flat.
Now you have all these points, I think you would benefit from having another fitting. There might not be a huge difference in a new pair you get, but it is worth checking the sizing again.

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by: Anonymous

It's my first year on pointe ,and I'm not sure if my shoes are the right fit. My left shoe is fine ,but my right shoe always pops out my heel about halfway through class. We tried resewing in many different ways ,but it keeps coming out. I think my right foot is larger than my left ,but I'm not sure. They are 7 1/2 and my foot has grown to a 9 in street shoes since I got them in early August. My recital is soon ,and it's been stopping me from my practice! Please tell my what you think soon!

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