Ballet Stories - Ballet is Magic

by sarah
(saudi dahrahn)

Ballet Stories - Ballet is Magic

Swan lake, Romeo and juliet, Giselle, Firebird ballet. I love ballet. Ballet has love and dying, when I was younger I watched two ballet shows I was in love, except of the stabbing in the stomach.
To me ballet is magic...Sarah


Reply by Odette

To:- Ballet Stories - Ballet is Magic

Hello Sarah,

Thank you for your great comments, it is lovely to hear from you.

Yes, that is so true - ballet is magic.

Ballet stories have such intensity and realism. The power the dancers bring to the stage is incredible. Ballet dancers have such diverse skills to be able to dance yet also act and portray the ballet stories. It is such a wonderful art form.

To watch a ballet performance is a truly phenomenal experience, so I am very pleased you enjoyed your ballet shows.

All the best,


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