Ballet Terms - Bourré

by Linda
(Portland Oregon)

Ballet Terms - Bourré

I went to the Portland ballet tonight and in the dance several dancers did a step where they were on point, legs crossed and took little steps. They looked like they were floating. What is that step called?


Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Terms - Bourré

Hi Linda!
Thanks for your message. I believe the ballet term you are looking for is "Bourré". This is a typical classical ballet step which is beautiful and charming to watch... it is more beautiful for the audience than the dancers though!

For ballet dancers, once you get to grasps of how to bourré it can feel expressive and more enjoyable. However, it is a tricky step to master and especially challenging if you have more flexible feet or arched insteps.

You are right and the illusion is meant to be like the dancers are floating. The aim is for the dancers to keep their steps small, quick and tight so that it has a light and airy quality

Best wishes,

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