Ballet Terms - Grand Battement Movement

Ballet Terms - Grand Battement Movement

There is an exercise at the barre where during grand battement, with bent knees you curl in the working leg inwards towards the barre and then straightening legs you throw that leg up and out to the side. It's meant to create greater impetus for leg height. Has this exercise a particular ballet name?


Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Terms - Grand Battement Movement

Thanks for your message, it's great to hear your query. In fact, as soon as I started reading your description I already knew EXACTLY what movement you are talking about. You describe it very well.

Yet, I can not think of a specific ballet term for this exercise or whether there even is one. I have used this movement a lot in ballet class, both as a student and as a professional, so I would think if there is a proper term for it I would realize it by now.

Whenever I have come across this movement, it has been demonstrated by the teacher or associated with similar words like 'swoosh' and'release' ... and never a proper ballet term!

So, if there is ever a time I discover there is an exact term for this movement, I will sure let you know!

Best wishes,

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