First Ballet Pointe Shoes

by DanceLover

First Ballet Pointe Shoes

I just got my first pair of pointe shoes!! I am so excited and I love them already (even though I haven't done any pointe work)!

My teacher said to break them in by walking round the house, sleeping in them and do some demi pointe work also.

I have done the following and am now working on the demi pointe thing. But i can only get to about 40 degrees on demi pointe on one foot when on my flats i am above ninety! On my other foot the heel of the pointe shoe just pings off yet this isn't a problem with my other shoe :/

Pleeease explain why and help me rectify this, I am rather perplexed. (if it's relevent I haven't been on proper pointe in them except trying them on in the shop)


Reply by Odette

To:- First Ballet Pointe Shoes


Thank you for your pointe shoe query. I am delighted to hear your excitement about your first pair if ballet pointe shoes!

Do not worry, breaking in the demi pointe does take time, but it is crucial you do as it will allow you to work through your feet better.

Try this, (which is what I like to do), put your pointe shoes on without any socks or tights - just your bare feet. Get a thick pair of woolly socks or slippers and put them over the pointe shoes. Keep them on for a few hours and in the meantime your feet will begin to perspire which will gradually mold the shoe into the shape of your foot. You will find that the hotter your foot becomes in the shoe, the easier the demi pointe will be to work. Keep rising onto demi pointe and the shoe will gradually soften. Your shoes will also gradually become more comfy as you wear them in ballet class.

I also had problems with the pointe shoe slipping off my foot, but don't worry - I managed to find a solution! It is normal for just one shoe to slip off, as we usually have one foot slightly bigger than the other. Try putting some water and/or rosin on the backs of of the heels on your shoes, as this gives it more grip to stay on your foot. Also, sew elastics as well as ribbons on your shoes as this gives them more security to stay closely attached to your foot.

Good luck with beginning pointe, it must be very exciting!

All the best,


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