Seven Secrets to Success in Ballet!

Do Not Ruin Your Career By Ignoring the Right Mental Approach

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ballet dancers secretsWhat Ruins Most Dancers?

Most trainee dancers ultimately fail... WHY?

Check out you know the 3 physical secrets here... (you probably already know them!)

This page holds a lot of valuable information. When you look at it, it may seem unachievable or too much to take in all at once. However, if you can grasp these seven secrets then, I can assure you, it will make a positively big difference to your whole approach to ballet.

Dancers have to love what they do. No one can teach someone to dance with soul and spirit. The passion has to come from within.

There are many skills to becoming a successful dancer. What I'm about to reveal will help you to become not only successful in dancing, but successful in every day life.

Firstly, knowing what you can and cannot control is one of the skills to a successful dancer. There are some things in life we cannot control, it's the way we have to live.

E.g. You can't control other peoples opinions, you can't change what other people think of you.

Other things in life you can control. E.g. How much work and effort you put into something.

To learn what you can and cannot control in life, will get you very far. It's never worth getting distressed about those things you cannot change.

Seven Secrets to Success in Ballet:-

1. Dedication

Plant trust and grow credibility

Being a dancer is harder than you would imagine. It's a tough world and therefore, you have to love every second of what you are doing. The passion can't come from anywhere else than from within.

Showing that you are dedicated will gain trust from others. This recognition of trust will lead to great things. Just when you think no one is watching, someone will see the dedication and reward you.

E.g. Odette worked very hard and was committed to her studies. Someone noticed this and therefore, she became Head Girl.

2. Don't hold back

A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for

Don't get in the comfort zone; always keep striving for more. Don't wait to get noticed, be brave and get out here.

E.g In a ballet class or audition, show the teacher you are eager. Don't stand in the back corner, be daring.

3. Be strong-minded

If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it

Nothing is easy. Nothing is given to you on a plate. Dancers have to be strong and work for what they want.

If you get knocked back, stand up on your feet feet and fight back.

E.g If you don't get the role that you wanted, don't give up. Work on what you need to improve and you will get noticed.

4. Be determined

Problems are your opportunities

When one door closes, another door opens.

Never give up. Even when you feel as if you cannot go on any longer, determination will take you a long way.

Problems are things which you can control. You can make them more difficult, or you can deal with them.

For example, injuries - the infuriating thing which is prone to every dancer.

An injury to the foot can mean the end of world for a dancer. Or, it could mean they have a chance to focus on other things.

Use everyday as a learning experience and don't waste a second. Being injured can be one of the most educational periods of your life. You can gain so much more knowledge to take forward with your dancing.

5. Believe in yourself

In order to be walked on, you have to be lying down

Believe in your own ability. Don't let other people crush you down.

The ballet world is full of competitive people but you can't let anyone affect you.

Top dancers are always strong and believe in their own ability, no matter what.

E.g. If a ballet teacher, director or choreographer is shouting at you, never take it personally. It can often be just a test to see how you react under pressure.

If you really believe in yourself, you'll have the strength to accept what they're saying and move on.

6. Don't Compare yourself to others

Go where there is no path and leave a trail

Be the dancer who you want to be.

Only ever be yourself. Top dancers have to be unique individuals.

For example, in an audition or a ballet class, you might notice a dancer who is much more flexible than you or has better jump. Don't compare yourself to them.

Everyone shines in different things so go out there and show them what you are good at.

7. Never expect anything

Understand how people understand

Never have a feeling of entitlemet. Never feel as if you are owed anything, be happy with what you have got already.

Accept other people's opinions. Be aware that everyone's opinions count to make you a better dancer. Even if you don't agree with what they are saying, try to understand the path that led them to their opinion.

ballet dancers secretsWhat Ruins Most Dancers?

Most trainee dancers ultimately fail... WHY?

Check out you know the 3 physical secrets here... (you probably already know them!)

....and remember this postscript

Live every day as if it were your last dance because the ballet world is highly unpredictable

However.... With these Seven Secrets, you have all you need to have a long and prosperous career and you are sure to become the best dancer you can be.

And don't forget...

Your only as good as your last performance. ballet dancer success secrets