Scared to Ask About Ballet Pointe Shoes

Scared to Ask About Ballet Pointe Shoes

Hi, i am eleven years old, and really want to start pointe as soon as possible! i am scared to ask about pointe because i haven't taken ballet for that long, but would love to try pointe. Any suggestions?


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Thank you for contacting me, it is a pleasure to hear from you.

For extra guidance to get you prepared for pointe, the video above is very useful. In this video, Australian dancer, Lisa Howell has made a video which explains how pre-point strengthening works.

My first suggestion would be to ask your teacher about the possibility of starting pointe. Try not to be scared, perhaps approach her before or after your lesson and ask how long it would be before you would be able to begin pointe. Also ask what you can do in the meantime to help with the beginnings of pointe work. It is good to have this close communication with your teacher, so don't feel afraid, that is what your teacher is here for.

If you would love to try pointe, you have to make sure you are ready. Even though you are excited, there is really no rush. It is best to become really strong and ready so you can progress confidently with pointe work.

Keep working hard and focus on having correct posture, foot alignment and core stability. If you become strong within these elements, it will help you to start pointe as soon as possible!

All the best,


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