The 7 Virtues of Ballet

by Holly

The 7 Virtues of Ballet

Hello again Odette,

Thank you so much for your advice last time about fitting into my new ballet class, it really helped me and I am really trying my best to get the best out of my classes, although I don't really know many of the people in there?

Also, I am really excited about your new book! However, is there any chance it will be coming out as a real book in the UK at all because I REALLY would love to have it!!

Thank you so much,

Holly xxxxx


Reply by Odette
To:- The 7 Virtues of Ballet

Hi Holly,

Thank you so much for your reply and feedback. As I said in my email, I really appreciate EVERYTHING you have to say and I will always do my best to guide you in every way I can.

I'm really pleased you have taken my advice on board and it sounds like you are getting on very well. Keep reminding yourself how good you feel when you are working your best in your classes and this will keep you motivated.

I am so excited about my book too! I'm glad we can be excited together! I have only just published as an eBook this week, so I am now working to make it available in as many forms as possible.

It seems as though a real book is proving very popular for my virtues, so I will get to work on that straight away for you. However, I would love your feedback just once more regarding the real book before I get to work on it! ...

First, I have to decide how to bring the book out to start with -

1. As a whole book with ALL 7 virtues included.

2. As smaller books with each virtue having it's own separate book, so it is like part of a series.

Since the whole book would include all 7 virtues, it would have over 200 pages and therefore be at a higher price around £26.

Or, the smaller books would be priced around £5 each as a real book.

Which one would you be most interested in? As I'm sure your thoughts would be similar to many other young dancers.

And, don't worry, I am planning to launch the real book through Amazon, which means it will definitely be available through the UK.

Sorry to throw all these questions at you, but I want to make sure I bring out what all my readers really want!! And, I am so very excited I want to make sure it's perfect for you.

I look forward to your reply!

Best wishes,

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The 7 Virtues of Ballet Feedback
by: Holly

Hi Odette,

Yay!! I am so happy it will be coming out in the UK - I will be getting it as soon as it is released! And I am very pleased you have asked my advice as I always love to help! I think that releasing them as separate books would be good as I think it would be fun to collect them and have them as part of a series. However, I think either one would be amazing!

Have you any idea when it would be released in the UK on Amazon?

Thank you :)

Holly xxxxxxxxxx

Reply to The 7 Virtues of Ballet
by: Odette

Hi Holly,

Thank you so much, that is very helpful and kind of you to give me your feedback. I really appreciate it! It puts a HUGE smile on my face to see how interested you are in the book.

It is very early days for the 7 Virtues, since I have only just released it as a digital form in eBook this week. I'm planning to follow the step by step procedure, which means publishing them on Kindle next then as a real book.

However, I am still dancing as a professional ballet dancer and about to start into a very busy season. So, my time will be limited but I will work in every spare minute I have to get the real books available as soon as possible.

I expect it will take time, perhaps a few months at least. If you can't resist to wait, then maybe try just one virtue which is $2.99 each (only about £2) to keep you going.

Otherwise, don't worry, I will keep in close touch and I hope my real book will be out very soon.

THANK YOU again Holly. It's so lovely to hear from you.

Best wishes,

Reply to The 7 Virtues of Ballet
by: Holly

Hi Odette,

Thank you very much, I will look out for it here in the UK. I wish you the best of luck with your dancing and I hope to hear from you soon.

Love Holly xxxxxxxx

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