Ballet Costumes - Beautiful Ballet Bodies!

by tybalt
(Francfort Germany)

Ballet Costumes - Beautiful Ballet Bodies!

Hi Odette, here another one of my favourite costumes which is perfectly fitting to your contribution "feel well in your skin". As result of consequent ballet training and workout as well as discipline the body will show perfect expression and harmony.


Reply by Odette

Ballet Costumes - Beautiful Ballet Bodies!

Hello Tybalt,

Thank you for your delightful submission. I always have great pleasure in hearing from you. It especially gives me such joy to see my visitors responding to my contributions, I am very grateful for your attentive feedback.

These ballet costumes demonstrate the beautiful and disciplined body of a ballet dancer. Ballet training is very unique in which it takes a lot of time to sculpt the musculature to create such lean and elongated lines. Dancers have to work every inch of their muscles to the maximum during every ballet class in order to build strength and consistency within their muscles. It takes years of dedicated training to be able to dance with the technique of ballet secure in your muscle memory.

Yes, these ballet costumes are visually perfect in response to my recent Team Talk Odette topic of "Feel Good, Look Good". Here I stated how when you do ballet, the movement and feeling can be so releasing for your mind yet you also get rewarding benefits on your body.

Let me reiterate my "Feel Good, Look Good" topic, as I can't emphasize enough how we can feel good in our skin and appreciate the beauty of ballet....

Ballet is both challenging and satisfying. The French have a saying, "to feel good in your skin"... and that is how ballet can feel. Even though it's hard work, you feel good whilst you're doing it because it lets you express yourself through dancing yet you're still getting a good exercise session.

No matter what form of exercise you're doing, the success of it depends on your enthusiasm for it. If you want good results, you have to persevere.
If you persist with ballet exercising it will tone up your body. It can make you strong, supple and lean.

To fully benefit from doing ballet you have to really engage your core muscles and focus on maintaining the correct posture.

With ballet you are mentally in control. You are controlling your body to move in a particular way; it can give you a great sense of power.

Best Wishes,


ps. To become the best dancer you can be, learn the Seven Secrets ..... go to my 'Seven Secrets of Ballet' page

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