Ballet Dancers - Dispirited and Doubtful

by Tabitha

Ballet Dancers - Dispirited and Doubtful

i have been dancing about a year now. my name is tabitha. i am 13 years old. i first started with jazz, but these past few weeks,i've also started ballet. my teacher says that my splits are very good on the floor but i dont think im doing as well at jetes. also my abs are not as strong to really do all those moves. i love dancing, but i doubt myself a lot. my teacher says that i don't really trust myself, and i feel myself getting dispirited and disillusioned. i find it really hard to open up and be comfortable with people, and i find it hard to be vulnerable and i'm really afraid of what others will say about my dancing. so i don't give it my 100 per cent. i really don't want to quit dancing and want to work hard and be the best. even though my teachers try to help me, i feel afraid to go up to them the next day and say that i've forgotten the same step which took me so long to learn. please help..

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Hello Tabitha,
Thank you for taking the time to contact me and share your thoughts. I understand how you feel and you'll be surprised how many other dancers also feel the same. So, don't be hard on yourself it takes a lot of inner confidence to overcome your weaknesses or doubts.

First of all, remind yourself why you started to dance. When you begin to feel doubtful, then remember this is something you started for the love and joy of dancing. It's easy to get wound up in the small details and forget how much you love to dance. However, when you do remember and take this into your classes you'll find you will dance much better and be less conscious to what others think of you.

The best way to improve and progress in ballet, is to believe you can! Honestly, when you have the confidence that you can do something it will make you get there much quicker. Start to build up your confidence now by reminding yourself of your strengths and being focused only on yourself. When you enter each ballet class, you are doing it for yourself because you want to improve. When the energy and passion comes from within, it will beam confidence and you'll believe you can do it.

If you struggle with learning the steps, don't worry, this is an area even professional ballet dancers still try to improve. I suggest to write down the exercises straight after your class whilst it's fresh in your mind, then you can remind yourself of it before your next class.

Your teacher wants to see the best in you and they are there to help you progress. If you need to review the steps with her, then pipe up the courage and ask her politely before class. Honestly, I think she'd rather see you ask and do it correctly, then not bother and get it wrong in her class. Soon, you'll be able to remember it for yourself - so start that dance diary and write down the exercises!

Every progress starts with a small step, so take the courage now and make a change! You can do it :)

For more of my personal guidance, take a look at my eBook "7 Virtues of a Professional Ballet Dancer". If you look at "Virtue 4 - Mentality" it will give you all the tips & techniques to boost your confidence, overcome your fears and believe in yourself.

Best wishes,

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