Ballet Dancers - How to ask your parents

Ballet Dancers - How to ask your parents

Ever since i was young i have always wanted to dance ballet although i never had the courage to say it so i didn't. Im 20 now and have really want to tell my parents that i want to do ballet but i don't know to say to them as it is difficult for me to ask them. Also i have told them something that has surprized them recently and am wondering when would be a good time and place to tell them. Im also worried that i might be to old to do it now. Id be graetful to anyone has any advice they can give on the matter.


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Thank you for your message, it’s great to hear from you. It can often feel difficult to talk to your parents about something you want to do, but they are your dearest supporters so you really want to listen and be honest to them. You are 20 now, so even though it may feel like you’re not grown up, you are an adult and I’m sure they will listen to you taking responsibility of what you want to do. If you want to dance ballet as a hobby, you have absolutely nothing to loose and I say go for it. It’s great exercise and strengthens your body in many positive ways. If you were thinking to pursue it as a career, it is too late to catch up on the training most ballet dancer’s began when they were 11 years old. However, it’s definitely worth being honest with your parents and start classes in ballet. You never know, if you love it so much, you could look into becoming a ballet teacher too.

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