Ballet Dancers - Success At Summer Intensives

by Emma
(Mpls, MN, U.S.A.)

Ballet Dancers - Success At Summer Intensives

I started ballet four months ago. Since then I have gone from a beginner level to an intermediate level, gotten en pointe, and have been allowed to apply for an intensive over the summer with girls my age (14) at the Minnesota Dance Theater. Do you have any advice on how to first, prepare for the intensive and second, get the teachers at the intensive to notice me?


Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Dancers - Success At Summer Intensives

Hi Emma,
Thanks for contacting me it is great to hear from you. That is quite astonishing you start ballet just four months ago and already achieved so much, please tell me more about your story!

I am sure many other young dancers would love to hear how you progressed so quickly, it is very encouraging to hear.

You are exactly correct to reflect about the summer intensive and think about how you can show yourself best as a dancer. Firstly, to prepare for the intensive you can not do much more than keep working hard now and focus in every single ballet class. If you get into good habits like picking up the exercise quickly, standing near the front in class and remembering your corrections then this will all be in good place for the intensive.

To get teachers to notice you, you have to give each class your 100% focus and commitment. Give the teacher your fullest attention and listen to what she says, as well as applying everything she says. You can keep a little journal to reflect after each class, so that you remember the corrections and go through the class in your mind.

Write down things like your personal corrections, the exercise combination and how you felt in regards to your strengths/ weaknesses. Ask yourself what more you can improve in the next class.

Also, don't be afraid to communicate with the teacher before or after if necessary. You must always be polite and well mannered, but teachers are there to help after all so you can ask her guidance if there is a particular correction you need help with.

Above all, if you work hard and stay focused on yourself then every teacher will respect this. It may not always happen straight away, but if you keep giving your 100% effort in each class then the teacher will gradually notice that and you will build a positive reputation.

Don't give up and always work your hardest!

Best wishes,

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