Ballet Exercises - Hip and Leg Injuries

Ballet Exercises - Hip and Leg Injuries

I hurt my butt/hip area in late November and it still is bothering me. I don't know what muscle it is, but I pulled it rolling through my center splits onto my belly. Its right where the back of my leg and butt attach. I have no idea what to do because I can't stretch at all. My right leg is fine, but anything that has to do with splits or arebesques hurt. I have been icing it and heating it. I even took off doing anything crazy with it hoping it would get better. Please help! Thank you!


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Thank you for contacting me it is great to hear from you, although I am concerned for you leg... I am by no means a physio, but will give you some advice from a dancer's point of view.

I am trying to relate to which area of your leg it is by your description, but without seeing it I can not say exactly which muscle it is. I definitely suggest you seeing the physio or a doctor if you have not already.

It sounds as if it could be your hamstring. Only you say it is your hip area which makes me not so sure. I am very conscious to hamstring injuries, because I strained my upper left hamstring myself only a year ago. If the pain in your leg is where the back of my leg and butt attach, then it sounds exactly the same place where I strained my leg. I did it when I was practicing a ponche and like you, I could not stretch much at all. It especially hurt when I tried to turn out.

What I suggest for you whichever muscle it is, you need to really look after it with strengthening exercises and gentle stretches. The physio will guide you to when, what and how many exercises you should do but it is a really important part of recovering the strength in your leg again.

If I can give you a tip of experience, even when your leg feels wonderfully better DO NOT push it too far!! Especially in the stretch you pulled it with. You have to be careful not to pull it again and be really mindful when it comes to stretching.

The good news is it WILL get better, so focus on the strengthening exercise and view any pain as a signal to how it is recovering.

Please do keep me in touch and let me know how you are doing.

Best wishes,

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