Ballet Pointe Shoes - Feedback from Ballet Teacher

by Jacqueline

Ballet Pointe Shoes - Feedback from Ballet Teacher

Hi Odette. I've heard some pretty good news from my teacher that made me happy. Okay, so as you know, I've been really curious about when I would be able to get en pointe. My mom left my teacher a message saying how I was wondering when she thought I would be ready for pointe. Because of my mom's crazy work schedule my ballet teacher got my mom's voice mail, too. She left a message saying I was improving alot. The only thing about pointe for me, though, was she thought my legs weren't strong enough and she said that if she put me en pointe now, I wouldn't be able to do much once I got up there because of my lack of leg strength and she thought I would be embarassed. She did say, though, that in about six months she thought I would be ready to start pointe. I was so happy when my mom told me that last night. So, I will prabably go en pointe around June, the summer I go into 8th grade. Even though I won't be 12, instead I'll be 13, I'm still very happy. Several of the dancers at my ballet school didn't start pointe until they were 13. Some I think even older than that. So that's really it. My next ballet class is this Monday, and I'm going to work extra-hard on straightening me legs especially during extensions. I know I've been so worried about my feet, arms, and upper body that I wasn't focusing enough on my legs, also. Especially, because I always assumed I had good legs because mine are much better compared to the eight other dancers in my class. Well, that's really it. But, if you could let me know any advice about strengthening my legs, or anything tips at all, that would be great. Thanks, Odette!


Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Pointe Shoes - Feedback from Ballet Teacher

Hello Jacqueline,

What a pleasure it is to hear from you. I absolutely love to hear your progress and I am especially pleased to hear your fantastic news about your pointe shoes.

You have really proved that communicating with your teachers and asking for advice really does pay off, as now you not only have a great target of when you can start pointe but also a clear goal of what you need to work on. This sense of feedback and guidance is really important in improving and making the most out of your ability.
It is an absolutely fine age to start pointe at 13, so you should feel happy!

It will be much more beneficial for you to now really focus on your weaknesses and strengthen your legs. This can be your constant motivation and I believe you will improve so much by June.

To strengthen your legs, you have to work in a very physical way. You need to really focus on using every single muscle. The vitally important muscle to be aware of is the glutes (backs of the legs). The whole usage of your leg muscles is initiated from your glutes and the very top of the legs. The glutes initiate your turn out and when you do every tendu or jete, it starts from the tops of the legs.

The inside thighs are also a major muscle in creating stability and strength in your legs. Always think about the inside thighs being active and the whole of your inside leg drawing together to create stability.

When you begin pointe work you will definitely need the strength of the glutes and the whole leg to rise up onto pointe. So keep working extra hard and focus on those muscles in your legs!

Best wishes,

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