Ballet Pointe Shoes - Foot Alignment

by Carolyn

Feet Alignment in pointe <small><br>(photo sourced from<br></small>

Feet Alignment in pointe
(photo sourced from

Ballet Pointe Shoes - Ballet Pointe Shoes - Foot Alignment

Dear Odette,

In pre-pointe class we are getting tested on changing echappes, and a whole lot of other stuff. (chaines, pecase ect.) Well, on my echappes my feet when it look in the mirror facing side ways it looks like I am sickling when it doesn't feel like it. Got suggestions? How do I know if I am sickling my foot in echappes?



Reply by Odette

To:- Ballet Pointe Shoes - Foot Alignment

Hello Carolyn,

Thank you for contacting me, it is great to hear from you.

It is a great start that you are aware of the alignment in the feet, as this is a crucial part of pointe work.

Whenever you pointe your foot, even in ballet flat shoes, think about making sure all the toes are stretching along the line of the foot and ankle. To prevent sickling, focus on not letting the toes pointe inwards - keep them all pointing directly along the line.

It will be helpful to go back to the basics and do some simple tendus to check the alignment of your feet. Once you feel the correct alignment, it will be easier to apply this in your echappes on pointe to make sure you aren't sickling.

You can use a latex resistance exercise band which can further strengthen your feet for pointe work. Take a look at my
Physical therapy equipment for more information.

To absolutely make sure you aren't sickling, perhaps ask your teacher to check if your foot is in the correct alignment. Then you will know for sure if you are sickling or not.

Good luck on your test!

All the best,


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