Ballet Pointe Shoes - How to Make Shoes Last Longer

by Viv

Ballet Pointe Shoes - How to Make Shoes Last Longer

Hi Odette! It's me again! I have a question about the longevity of my pointe shoes. I dance about one hour to a hour and half on pointe. I've gone through three pairs in my first year of pointe. I'm pretty sure my mom is sick of spending so much money on pointe shoes. The problem is that the platform turns extremely soft within a month and the box sinks within two months. In my first pointe shoes the shanks was still rock stiff. I received a new pair at my fitters. It literally had no shank. My feet are super strong now though! What could I do to make my shoes last longer
So I won't break my parents bank! Thanks!


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Hi Viv,
Thanks for your message, it's great to hear from you again - you know I love to keep in touch and hear how you are getting on.

Of course, I completely undertand what you are saying and I remember trying all sorts of pointe shoes to find the perfect pair. And, yes, it was very costly so I tried my best to make each pair last as long as possible.

The first thing I have to say, is read through my cheap pointe shoes page. Here, I have a dedicated a whole page on how to cut the costs with your pointe shoes and make them last longer.

I have to emphasis how much 'shellac' can make a differenct in the strength of your pointe shoe. Shellac is a liquid product which nearly all professional ballet dancers use to make their pointe shoes last longer. I use it myself and I often forget how much it really strengthens the areas on my shoe which is going soft.

You will be able to pour the shellac into the platform and swish the liquid around so it absorbs into the material. You have to leave it at least 24 hours to dry and you will definitely notice a difference. Perhaps try it on a pair of you old shoes first to practice and test it out.

If you are happy with your pointe shoes, then stick with them. Otherwise, you can try a different brand or style that is slightly stronger to last longer. For example, when I wear Bloch pointe shoes they last a lot longer than my Freed pointe shoes. Which brand do you wear? If you don't want to change brand or style, then just make sure you look the shoes by letting them air out after class and not squishing them into your ballet bag. It is these little tips which will help keep the shape of the shoe and make them last longer.

Let me know how you get on!

Best wishes,

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