Ballet Pointe Shoes - I have a question about my pointe shoe elastics!

by Stephanie

Ballet Pointe Shoes - I have a question about my pointe shoe elastics!

Hi Odette! I love your website and I am really inspired by your story. Any dancer who works hard enough to become a professional is a strong and dedicated person, something which I admire so very much. Anyway, I just started pointe and I finished sewing my pointe shoes today. I have found that the elastics are really tight. They are not causing that much pain, but they are a little uncomfortable. I was wondering if the elastics will stretch out as I use them to be more comfortable. And any other advice that would help a new pointe student, or even an experienced ballet student, would be appreciated! Thank you so much! And sorry if I'm not supposed to ask questions here! If you could tell me where I can ask questions that would be great! Thanks!


Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Pointe Shoes - I have a question about my pointe shoe elastics!

Hi Stephanie,
Thank you so much for your delightful message, it is a pleasure to hear from you. Sorry it's taken me longer than usual to reply, I am in the midst of dancing and performing on tour, but I always really love hearing from you. This is the right place to ask questions and you can also subscribe to my mailing list here where I'll give you my "Seven Secrets", as well as keep you updated on my latest tips & advice to help you reach your potential as a dancer.

You ask a good question about your pointe shoe elastics, because actually I've had a similar problem with the elastics being too tight/loose too. You want them to be tight enough to support your foot in the shoe, but not so much it causes you pain from being too tight. From what I've experienced, the elastics do not really loosen enough if you have sewed them too tight. It's best to un-sew one side of the elastics to make it a bit looser.

Next time, you can measure it before you sew it to make sure you get it the right length to your foot. I usually get a sewing pin to hold the elastic then quickly try it on my foot to make sure it's the right tightness. Then, if I know that is the right length I measure it or cut a 'template' elastic so next time I already have the right length.

My advice to you is really make the most of every minute in your ballet class. Keep listening and learning from your teacher. You want to retain the information not just during the class, but for next time as well. It's not just your ability in your body, but how smart you can be to remember corrections and apply what you've learn in your next classes. Keep a dance diary and write down everything you learn.

I hope this helps, please do keep in touch!

Best wishes,

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