Ballet Pointe Shoes - Looking for the perfect pointe shoes

by Vivien

Ballet Pointe Shoes - Looking for the perfect pointe shoes

Hi! I am still looking for those perfect shoes. I got my first pair three months ago and they already so dead I can't dance. The shanks popped out of the shoes and the right shoes shank has cracked in half. They were Bloch serenades. They weird thing is just the shank died, but the top of the box is fine ( the platform is totally dead). Any suggestions? Do I need new shoes? I dance about two hours a week on pointe. I have slightly tapered toes, high arches. My big toenail is really vunerable to bruising because the toenail sticks out more. Pointe feels really natural to me, but I don't want my shoes ( or their price) to hold me down.


Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Pointe Shoes - Looking for the perfect pointe shoes

Hello Vivien,
Thank you for your message, it's great to hear from you. Don't worry, it takes time for every ballet dancer to find their perfect pointe shoes. It is natural to go through pointe shoes that are not right for you, because then you find out what you do need and what part of your foot needs that extra support.

I am quite surprised to hear the condition of your Bloch pointe shoes, because I know these shoes to last a good amount of time and stay fairly strong. I have worn Serenade myself and they never seemed to go soft too quickly at all, but it depends on your foot shape and the amount of classes you do.

When your pointe shoes feel dead and no longer support your feet like they should, it is time to get a new pair. I would advise to have another pair ready, so that you do not have to be waiting and searching for shoes whilst your current pair are no longer good to wear.

It is really important to have shoes that are supportive, because it can affect the way you dance. I like to have my pointe shoes very strong and in shape, so I resist trying to wear my shoes when they feel less comfortable. I like to use the word 'mushy' to describe how my dead pointe shoes feel like!!

There are other brands you can try to see if the shank lasts longer such as Sansha, Grishko or Freed. There are many other styles within the brand of Bloch which may suit your feet more, so take a look at my Bloch Pointe Shoes page for more guidance.

Keep persisting and it's a good idea to keep records of each pair of pointe shoes you try. I did this when I was younger and it helped me assess what more I needed in my pointe shoes, as well as what wasn't right. Then, each time you can reach closer to what you hope to be the perfect pointe shoes.

Best wishes,

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