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Bloch pointe shoes are a renowned brand of shoe for dancers all over the world. From professionals to students, Bloch are a well-made and loved pointe shoe by all different levels. You must find out if this could be the perfect pointe shoe for you.

Bloch pointe shoes are excellent for dancers in training because they are strong and supportive.

I wore Bloch for a good majority of my training as a young dancer.

I can give you the inside guidance and help you decide if Bloch is right for you.

Remember, just like I did before I went en pointe, ballet students must take responsibility for their own strengthening prior to beginning pointe work.

Don't leave it to your teacher!

Bloch pointe shoes are a sturdy shoe and many dancers agree that they last longer than other brands, which is always something you want as pointe shoes are very expensive.

There are many styles within the brand of Bloch and each style will vary slightly. I recommend you to do some research online to see which would suit your foot shape.

Here is a list of names of the styles they have within the brand of Bloch-

TMT Axis
TMT B Morph
TMT Serenade
TMT Sonata

..... yes, there is a lot of choice! This just goes to show how many variations of pointe shoes there are designed to suit every dancer's feet.

bloch pointe shoes

If you have wider feet, then Aspiration may be right for you because they have a broad square box. Personally, I have worn the styles Aspiration, Serenade and TMT Axis. I found that Aspiration worked the best for me as a student, it always was my "safe" shoe and I knew I could rely on it being comfortable and supportive.

There are many professional dancers who wear Bloch, although they most likely are lucky enough to get them handmade especially for their feet. Professional ballerinas who wear Bloch include Polina Semionova, Sarah Lamb and Paloma Herrera.

Remember, Bloch is only one brand of pointe shoes and you have may other well known pointe shoe makers too such as Freed, Capezio and Gaynor Minden.

bloch pointe shoes

Searching for the perfect pointe shoe can take years for a dancer to get right. It's so important to get a pair that fit correctly.

A young dancer's feet is constantly changing, growing and adapting to the new shoes.

I also wore Freed pointe shoes as a dancer and developed to find a hand made pair especially for me, so Freed gradually became my perfect pointe shoe as I reached a professional.

You have to keep persisting until to find the "perfect" pair. You must research and experiment with different makers and styles until you find the ideal pair. It may take time to find the right pointe shoes, but it will be worth it for your precious feet!

I would highly recommend for you to try Bloch pointes, particularly to students. Bloch is generally a hard and solid shoe so whilst dancers are still training, you need a more supportive shoe and one that lasts a longer time.

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