Ballet Pointe Shoes - Painful Bunions

by Athanasia

Ballet Pointe Shoes - Painful Bunions

In September I got fitted for my first pair of pointe shoes. I have the bloch Axis 6 X. They were fine for the first few excercises (we didn't do much more of just strengthening work and breaking in our shoes) but since we have moved on I'm experiencing pain in my left foot bunion. It used to be off and on for a few classes, but now every time I dance it's constant shooting pain in my left foot. One class it got so bad I could hardly relevé on that foot. I haven't told my teacher yet because for a while we didn't have pointe due to Nutcracker which was replaced by rehearsals. But now that class is back to normal the pain has started back up. I used to love my shoes until now. I have noticed a lot of bad things about them. 1. They hurt my bunions 2. I can't feel the floor 3. I sink into my shoes because they are too wide 4. I get terrible blisters on my toes from the box being too wide 5. They restrict my arch from going over fully (the tmt stuff never bends in the right place and seem to get less bent after they hardened. Ex. I'll bend my shank after heating it with a hairdryer and it'll look really nice and pretty but as soon as I take them out of the fridge they have become less bent in the arch area). I have long toes so the vamp is not too high but also I think they was an error with my pointe shoe because my platforms aren't completely flat. Overall, I am going to get fitted again but what would you suggest?

*I have really narrow feet (all pointe shoes I tried on at my 1st fitting were A/X widths)
*Really tapered toes
* US size 7.5 street shoe and bloch axis pointe shoe size 6
*Normal arch not too high or low
*Bunions on both feet on my big toes (not pinky toes, thank goodness!)


Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Pointe Shoes - Painful Bunions

Hello Athanasia,
It is great to hear from you, thank you for contacting me. Firstly, I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with your first pair of pointe shoes. It always takes time to find your 'perfect' pair of pointe shoes and you will go through some pain or discomfort before you realise which pointe shoes work for you.

You have to be patient and willing to experiment with different pairs of shoes, I know this sounds expensive, but you also have to pay good attention when you go to get fitted and do your research on which pointe shoes you are interested in trying.

I definitely agree you should get your pointe shoes fitted again and change style of shoe if they are causing you such trouble. I do like Bloch, and I would recommend this brand for young dancers. Bloch are a sturdy and reliable shoe worn by young and professional dancers all over the world. Yet of course Bloch have many different styles within the brand and, as if turns out, Axis did not work out for you.

I would suggest a traditional type of pointe shoe, so you break in the shoe naturally by letting it shape to your foot. If you take out some time to wear the shoe before your first pointe class, you can put a thick pair of wolly socks over the top of your shoes and walk around at home, so your feet begin to perspire and the shoe molds to your foot. Gradually as you wear the shoes more they will begin to feel more comfortable to your foot.

Perhaps look into Bloch Aspiration, or Bloch Serenade. Personally I have experienced these two shoes and would recommend them to other young dancers.

With any case for dancers, despite the style of shoe, it is most important to make sure you get your shoes fitted correctly. Even if you have found the perfect brand for you, if the shoes are too wide or too small they will still cause trouble. Especially because you have bunions, you want to make sure your shoes are not too small as it will put extra pressure on your toes making it uncomfortable for your bunions.

Pay extra attention in your next shoe fitting and look around the internet to read up more on Bloch pointe shoes!

Best wishes,


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